Menu Design for Rooney’s Oceanfront Restaurant

Dining by the water is a very sought-after experience, especially in shore-side communities. Patrons seeking out these particular dining experiences pay attention to every accent and detail, which requires restaurants to keep a careful eye on the experience.

Next to the interior design and the demeanor of your server, a restaurant’s menu is a vital ingredient in the ambiance of the meal. It helps set the vibe, reflect the attitude, give a voice, and show the true pride of the establishment. We were determined to equip Rooney’s Oceanfront Restaurant with a menu that encompassed all of this.

The challenge our designers faced rested on carefully organizing an impressive array of dishes while not overwhelming the reader.

Keeping it flexible and working with the Rooney’s management team, we were able to craft a menu design that highlighted certain sections, gave the eye chances to rest, and captured the true brand identity that makes Rooney’s a truly wonderful waterside dining experience. To draw the reader in, we worked to create a one page 11’’ x 17’’ horizontal menu, one for lunch and one for dinner. The same look and feel was given to each. For an extra dose of authenticity, we had the Rooney’s team purchase a custom-made stamp with their signature “R” to mark on each menu. A subtle hierarchy, consistent branding, and focus on simplicity allowed us to win the day with this new menu design.