Digital Advertising vs. Traditional Advertising: How They Evolved & How They Go Together

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Digital advertising and traditional advertising differ significantly, but that doesn’t mean they need to be kept in their separate corners. The most impactful advertising strategies incorporate a mix of both, with cohesive messaging and visuals from one medium to the next. Instead of approaching your advertising as digital vs. traditional, think of it as an interplay between the two.

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Digital Drives DDAS

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Want to drive demand deposit accounts (what bank doesn’t)? Do it digitally. We recently created a digital-only marketing campaign for one of our regional bank clients that netted 140 new non-interest-bearing checking accounts in just one month. The average customer acquisition cost was only $28!

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How to Be an Eye-Catching Brand

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Marketing experts estimate our eyes process between 5,000 and 10,000 advertisements every day! Seem high? Print ads are everywhere. Meanwhile, digital ads are learning your lifestyle and following you around the Internet. And don’t forget the hundreds of emails you receive each day, many of them ads or business propositions. Even social media is filled with sponsored posts

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