When people think of Online Advertising, they usually think of set it and forget it. Create a few banner ads and hope for the best. Simple, yet ineffective. At Netwave, our approach is different. The game has seriously changed, and we’ve been helping clients take full advantage of the learning curve. The goal remains the same: getting in front of the right eyeballs. Only now, we can track, adjust, and retarget like never before.

Target Sighted

There are 4 Main Areas for targeted online ads:

  • Paid Search
  • Location-based (or “Geo-Targeting”)
  • Re-Targeting
  • Contextual Targeting

We can customize the right set of criteria to ensure your Online Advertising is being directed to the most applicable potential buyer market segments. Moreover, we can create campaigns that adjust based on time of day, product inventory, service demand, and way more.

Target Acquired

After seeing an ad 3-5 different times around the web, your message starts to seem more familiar. We deliver a concise message or message series that directs customers to a desired web destination. This could be one of your service pages, a contact form, or a specially created subpage on your website. Customers become interested. They click through, and begin the descent down your sales funnel. Our approach fully integrates your brand

Target Tracked

Our Online Advertising service can be made to track and record sales calls, download rates, online purchases and more—all dependent on your needs. All of this enables your business to expand on what’s working, get rid of what’s not, and start seeing results.

Your customers are looking for greatness online. Find them