Google Changes SEO Ranking Factors

By January 2, 2013Business, Marketing, Websites

At the end of 2012, Google rolled out a series of new website SEO grading factors that will impact every site on the internet. Here are a few of the changes that Google recently put into effect.

1. Relevancy

Keeping your website relevant throughout can significantly improve your ranking on Google. To have a highly relevant website, URL’s, page names, website content, and meta information should all match.

2. Separate Your Content

Instead of having one product page listing all of your products and services, breakout each product or service in its own page. This focuses each page to contain content, examples, and graphics pertaining to one subject.

3. Poor Linking

If your website links to a different area of your website that doesn’t relate to the current paragraph, you may be penalized. For example, if you are talking about how to change a tire and have a link to a page about oil changes, Google may penalize you.

4. Public Press Release Sites

Once viewed as a great source to build links to your website, free public press release websites will now have little impact on your website’s SEO.

5. No More Keyword Stuffing

Adding too many keywords to the back end of your code can be more harmful than rewarding. Google sees this as spamming and will penalize your site for doing so.

Every site will be different and the impact of these changes will vary greatly.

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