Don’t Miss Out, Get LinkedIn

By September 23, 2011Business, Marketing, Social Media

Many people either do not have a LinkedIn account or do not utilize it as the valuable networking tool that it is. Often, this is a result of a lack of knowledge about LinkedIn. In short, LinkedIn is an online social network of resumes. The best way to use this network is for connecting with other professionals, finding a job, and sharing industry news and information with your connections. Below is a list of LinkedIn tips I put together to help you better implement this tool into your marketing plan, whether it be business or personal.

Connect, Connect, Connect

Anyone who knows anything about networking knows that you just never know who knows who. The great thing about LinkedIn is that it can show you just that. LinkedIn will show you everyone with whom you share a common connection and the degree to which you are connected (2nd, 3rd, ect.). For example, when I reached 77 connections, I had the potential to be introduced to over 849,000 professionals. This becomes very beneficial when you search for a company on LinkedIn and find one or more of these professionals working there. Connect with everyone you know.

Update Your Profile

Nothing says “I don’t value my job” as much as a blank LinkedIn profile. Updating your job title and responsibilities as well as experiences and skills can be very beneficial to your career. One should never stop networking. Recruiters are out there and will come across your page if the right information is there. With that being said, never stop selling either. If you are a business owner or work in the sales or promotions industry then your page should be like an advertisement for your company. The ‘description’ area is a great place to list what your company does and how they do it. Listing your college(s) will connect you to everyone who lists themselves as alumni.

Utilize The Company Page

LinkedIn has automatically created a company page for many businesses, but you have the chance to edit that page or create a new one if yours is not listed. A company page is key because employees will have linked to it just by saying they work there. Edit this page by uploading your logo and a nice description that will sell your business. LinkedIn now allows administrators of a company page to post company “statuses.” LinkedIn is becoming more of a social network for businesses!


When looking for a good mechanic most people ask friends and relatives who they recommend. More than that, when they visit that mechanic they tell him or her that “so and so” recommended them. The same principle can apply to LinkedIn. If you are looking to do business with someone you may just want to check out what recommendations they have. Don’t be shy! You can request a recommendation, and you should. You should also give recommendations to those who you think deserve it. On the other hand, do not feel obligated. Just because someone has sent you a recommendation request doesn’t mean you have to do it. How would you like it if your friend sent you to a lousy mechanic because they felt “obligated?”

As you can tell there are several features and tools available on LinkedIn. The most important thing to remember is that this is your resume; except it’s a much easier way of promoting it. If you are interested in more information Contact Us today.