Digital Ads Are Getting Smarter – A Lot Smarter

By March 28, 2017Advertising, Marketing

We’ve been telling our clients about retargeting ads for a long time—you know, the ones that seem to follow you around the Internet promoting a product or service you’ve shown interest in before. In the same vein, we’re offering additional ways to make your digital advertising more timely, targeted and effective.

Weather-Related Display Ads
NWIM now has the ability to automatically run specific artwork based on weather conditions and temperatures. A sunny heat wave, looming Nor’easter and everything in between can trigger weather-related ads to your target markets. We set separate campaigns tied to specific temperature ranges, precipitation forecasts and other guidelines. When the weather reports those conditions in your approved target area, the appropriate ad displays on its own, no human hand required.

A few examples:

  • HVAC: Can your A/C handle the heat wave?
  • Insurance: Is your boat secure for the storm?
  • Restaurant: Outdoor seating today!
  • Retailer: Sidewalk sale this Monday!

All parameters, including artwork, frequency and reach, are pre-set. No one has to remember to schedule the ads or rush to create an offer. Contact Netwave Interactive to discuss the various ways we can make the weather work for you!